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Welcome to our international corner. Here you’ll find translated versions of our methods. Feel free to have a look around and find some inspiration for your classes.

Concept Cartoons

Concept Cartoons are an easy way to display opinions or ideas on a topic in the style of comics.

Four Corners

Checking your knowledge playfully.

Lotus Diagram

The Lotus Diagram is a helpful tool to support groups in finding solutions and taking a closer look at problems or tasks.

Mind Map

A proven method when it comes to organising knowledge.

Opinion Line

An opinion line makes different positions visible, allowing for further conversation and discussion.

Packing My Bag

This method can be used at the end of a unit, project etc. to reflect upon what has happened, allowing for an open exchange of opinions.

Speech Chain

Speech chains allow students to lead the conversation in class mostly independent.

Two Stars and a Wish

The method can help students as well as teachers in giving feedback with a focus on positive aspects and improvement tips.

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